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This is page is not for you if scanModem already told you if a driver is available and which

Newbies, please read how to compile modem drivers before wasting time for that

If you have any questions about trying to get your winmodem working under Linux, please consult the Linmodem-Howto first. There, you will find information on what modem chipsets are supported, and how to determine what chipset is in your modem. Note that your modem's vendor and model name are, in general, not very informative with regard to the actual chipset. Once you have determined the most appropriate driver (if one exists), you may experience technical difficulties during the installation or operation of the driver; questions about these should be posed to the mailing list.

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Modems based on SmartLink chips.

These chips are used by various modem manufacturers, to serve under AC'97 or MC97 controllers.
The 2.9.x series, as well as the 2.7.x series up to slmdm-2.7.10 ONLY, may happen to also serve some but not all other brands of AC'97 or MC97 controlled modems (non SmartLink), but first run scanModem for a compatibility assessment.
The most recent and final (never more) version distributed by SmartLink is 2.9.10. It is available under certain conditions from SmartLink. Follow "Support" and then "Driver download".
This version is however not maintained and will not be, per policy stated by SmartLink.
We therefore urge you to use the most recent version of 2.9.9 available at the Technion linmodems site which is updated when need arises (such as kernels above 2.6.9 for example) while, again, 2.9.10 is not maintained.
Freedom allows using 2.9.10, but implies lack of support on this site.
Note: initial version 2.6.9 (no letter index) differs from 2.9.10 by one feature only, a message about some copyright.

To get one of less recent versions, hit: older (currently broken).

Modems based on Lucent/Agere digital signal processing (DSP) chipsets (but NOT Agere soft modems). Modems based on Motorola chips. Modems based on Intel chips (HaM/536ep/537). Modems based on the IBM Mwave chip. Modems based on PCTel technology.

New (25/7/05) the PCTEL driver working with 2.6.x.kernels.

Modems based on ESS chips. Modems based on Conexant/Rockwell chips.

3Com / US Robotics

Additional Resources

Older resources

The following are packages compiled with the tty.h patch applied; read the Readme for details.

Foreign languages

A documentation sheet is available in Portuguese (submitted by Dr. Randal H Oliveira).